Can You Get Teeth Cleaned With Braces?

Young girl flossing her teeth around braces.

Wearing braces requires your child to do a bit of extra work to keep their mouth clean, like using special floss threaders to clean around teeth and brushing more often. While your child has braces, you may be wondering if they should still get routine dental cleanings. After all, regular teeth cleanings at the dentist are an important part of maintaining great oral health. The answer is, "Yes! Your child can definitely continue to get their teeth cleaned with braces." In fact, it might be more important than ever before.

How Dental Cleanings Work with Braces

When you schedule the appointment, make sure the office knows that it is for a cleaning. That way, we can make any necessary preparations in our tools and schedule. Overall, however, there isn’t much of a difference between getting a dental cleaning when you have braces versus when you don’t. Our dental team will work around your child's orthodontic hardware, carefully cleaning around the brackets and wires to remove any plaque and tartar build-up, polish their teeth, and floss their teeth.

More Frequent Cleanings

At Helotes Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, your child's dentist and orthodontist work together as a team. Depending on the state of your child's oral health, it’s possible that one or the other will recommend more frequent teeth cleanings while they are wearing braces. The standard recommendation is to get a dental cleaning every six months. Because of the extra challenges presented by braces, they may tell you to visit every four months, for example. This way, they can make sure to keep plaque at bay so that your child's smile stays healthy all throughout treatment.

Preventive Care While Wearing Braces in Helotes, TX

Have any other questions about your child's oral health while they are wearing braces? We have answers! Contact Helotes Pediatric Dentistry by phone or by clicking the contact link. We’ll be happy to give you the tips and tools you need to help your child have a beautiful, healthy smile.

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