Baby Teething Tips

Baby with bright blue eyes and a blue pacifier. When your baby’s first teeth erupt, it can be an uncomfortable and painful experience for them. Teething affects children differently, but we have some time-tested tips to help your child find relief!

What Are the Signs of Teething?

As your child’s baby teeth begin to erupt through the gum line, they will experience soreness and pain around their teeth. Common signs that your baby is teething are excessive drooling, tender gums, feeling warm to the touch but without a fever, crankiness, and excessive chewing on objects.

6 Baby Teething Tips To Make Your Baby Comfortable

Here’s how you can make the teething process more tolerable for your child.

  • 1. Massage their gums
  • Gently massage your baby’s gums with clean fingers or wet gauze to bring them relief from any soreness or swelling.

  • 2. Use a bib
  • Babies tend to drool when they’re teething, which can cause skin irritation and soak through their clothes. Using a bib can help you wick away excess drool and keep your baby’s clothes clean.

  • 3. Freeze a washcloth
  • Run a washcloth under cold water, wring it out, and stick it in the freezer until it’s cool to give your baby something soft and cold to chew on. It’s always important to supervise your baby when they’re chewing on objects, as a washcloth can be a choking hazard.

  • 4. Keep their pacifier cold
  • You can also freeze your baby’s pacifier to provide temporary relief for their swollen gums. Teething toys are also a good choice, but don’t use ones that are filled with liquid or gel.

  • 5. Comfort them
  • Giving your baby extra comfort and cuddles when they're teething can help them relax more quickly, which can encourage them to get more sleep and rest.

  • 6. Give them cold fruit to munch on
  • If your baby is eating solid foods, you can strain chilled fruit through a mesh feeder to prevent choking. Some of our favorites are chilled mashed bananas, strawberries, pears, and apples.

Scheduling Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

We recommend that you schedule your baby’s first dental visit as soon as their very first tooth erupts so we can keep careful track of their progress and make sure that their adult teeth will eventually grow healthy and strong! If your child is teething, chances are they’re due for a dental visit.

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