Reduce Your Child's Dental Anxiety with Sedation

A child wearing a mask to receive sedation dentistry

Quality dental care isn’t and shouldn’t be painful. Even still, younger patients can understandably develop a fear of the dentist. They are putting their trust in someone who they’re not familiar with, they are hearing new sounds and seeing new sights, and they might be anticipating pain during their treatments.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is perfect for young patients who might have dental anxiety or require an invasive treatment. At Helotes Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we proudly use all of the latest sedation dentistry techniques so that our patients can rest easy during their treatments using safe and effective medication. Below are the sedation dentistry options that we offer at our San Antonio, TX dental office.

  1. Oral Sedation
  2. Oral sedation helps tone down activity in your child’s brain to help them feel more at ease during their treatment. It is usually taken by the mouth and takes about 20 minutes to take effect. Your child might be drowsy after treatment, so be sure to give them time to rest once they’re back at home.

  3. Laughing Gas
  4. One of the most popular forms of sedation dentistry is laughing gas. Laughing gas also helps your child feel at ease during their treatment, and is administered using a mask. The effects of laughing gas wear off quickly after treatment.

  5. IV Sedation
  6. We offer IV sedation for our hospital dentistry patients who require more complex dental procedures. IV sedation eases your child into a restful sleep during their treatment, and they won’t feel any pain whatsoever. IV sedation can also help our dental team complete a more complex procedure in fewer visits!

Quality Care in San Antonio, TX

No matter what type of pediatric dentistry treatment your child might require, our team at Helotes Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics can help! From routine examinations to more complex restorative treatments, we pride ourselves in delivering superior pediatric oral health care services in San Antonio, TX. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our sedation dentistry offerings!

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