Your Child’s First Dental Visits in San Antonio, TX

Children go through so many developmental milestones, they can be difficult to keep track of. Some of those milestones include the development of their total and dental health. It’s important to make sure your child gets a strong start on their oral health so that they can build good lifelong habits. At Helotes Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we’re here to make sure every kid’s first dental visit is a fun, easy experience for them and their parents. To book a first appointment with us, reach out today to schedule.

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When Should a Child First Visit The Dentist?

When it comes to first dental visits, it’s always best to start early. The American Dental Association recommends getting children booked for their first appointment around the time they turn one, or even earlier if their first tooth happens to grow in faster. This will allow our team to begin diagnosing and anticipating possible dental development issues before they happen. Of course, even if your child’s already a little older, it’s never a bad time to schedule the first visit for a toddler.


What Happens at Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment?

First dental appointments for infants or toddlers rarely result in a need for advanced procedures. Instead, the focus will mostly be on making sure your child is starting off with the best oral health possible. Throughout the exam, we’ll work with you to help answer any questions you might have about keeping their smile healthy. For slightly older children, the visit may include a gentle cleaning to help break down any plaque buildup.

How Do I Get My Child Ready For Their First Dental Visit?

Starting a visit off on the right foot can make sure that your child has positive associations with the dentist from an early age. If they have a tendency to react to unfamiliar situations with anxiety, it can help to prepare them. You can always bring your child in for a tour before their initial exam. Meeting the team and the doctors can put them at ease and get them ready for the first visit. We also recommend that parents stay with their children during the actual visit to provide a familiar and reassuring presence.

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